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It is from the legacy of the Greatest Producers of Medallic Art that the Canadian Heritage Mint has been founded.

From the mid 1700’s through to the Art Deco era of the 1920’s and 1930’s, some of the finest art of the era appeared on medals struck in gold, silver and bronze.

These medals were often extremely complicated to produce, with fine detail and ultra-high relief that exceeded the capabilities of most mints in the world. A few specialized mints ready to embrace both artistic traditions and new techniques took on creating the most complicated medals, thus creating a rich and collectible medallic record of important events in Canadian and world history.

It is from the legacy of the greatest producers of medallic art through the past three centuries that the Canadian Heritage Mint has been founded.

Canadian Heritage Mint builds on the traditions and techniques of the most talented engravers of past centuries, and combines with this the most modern technology and its own innovation to create pieces that will mark the events and interests of our own times.

Canadian Heritage Mint takes great pride in every design it creates. We are honoured by the recent approval by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the new allegorical Canada 150 Medal being produced by Canadian Heritage Mint. This includes a new 2017 effigy of Her Majesty produced for CHM by the talented Canadian artist and sculptor, Susanna Blunt.


Canada has had a long tradition of private mints contributing to both its coinage and commemorative medals. Long before the Royal Canadian Mint opened in 1908, much of Canada’s coinage was produced by the private Heaton & Sons mint in Birmingham, England, while Canadian commemorative medals have been issued by several different mints in Canada, England and even in France. Since 1960, some of Canada’s best medals have been produced by the Lombardo Mint, which is now a division of the Mississauga Mint.

Leading up to Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, several of Canada’s leaders in numismatics, art and minting combined their expertise and resources to create a major new contributor to Canada’s numismatic legacy. While Canadian Heritage Mint is a new organization, it draws on more than 65 years of minting experience from the Lombardo Mint and Mississauga Mint, as well as the numismatic expertise and innovations of Canadian Coin & Currency and Canadian PMX Corp.

Canadian Heritage Mint does not directly offer coins or medals for sale. Canadian Heritage Mint products are offered for sale through leading Canadian Coin Dealers including Canadian Coin & Currency, and through The Shopping Channel.


Canadian Heritage Mint seeks to produce collectible medallic art of the highest quality based on Canadian history, heritage, culture and interests. Concepts are canvased from a panel of experienced historians and numismatists, and art is commissioned from some of Canada’s leading artists. In some cases, CHM will recreate new issues of some of Canada’s most important historic commemorative medals. In this way, collectors will gain affordable access to important and beautiful medals which could previously only be seen in museums or owned by a few elite collectors. All CHM “re-strikes” are clearly edge marked to distinguish these new issues from the originals.

If you have an idea or request for a new Canadian medal design, we welcome you to share your concept with us.

Canada 1867 Confederation Medal
Canada 1927 Diamond Jubilee Medal
Canada 2017 Confederation Medal
Canadian Indian Treaty Medal
Real Shape Iconic Canada Coin Polar Bear Frame
Canadian Indian Treaty Medal


Our Precious Metals

All Canadian Heritage Mint products struck in silver and gold are produced using the highest quality pure precious metals from LBMA recognized refiners. CHM is working towards ensuring all metals used are responsibly sourced, with most silver and gold newly refined from Canadian mines.


Canadian Heritage Mint

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